Statement : Mujahideen Operations in Traffic Postal of Poso

Statement : Mujahideen Operations in Traffic Postal of Poso

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

وان استنصروكم في الدين فعليكم النصر

If They Seek Your Help In Religion, It Is Your Duty To Help Them

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه ومن تبعهم بإحسان إلى يوم الدين, وبعد.

All praises are due to Allah Rabbul ‘Alamien, because of His guidance and mercy the Mujahideen Operation in a traffic postal of Poso and other place could be done successfully. The purpose of this operations are to show how weak the enemies of Allah Ta’ala and also how cowardly and powerless the personnel of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia who very afraid to approach The Village of Tamanjeka to make a face-to-face confrontation with Mujahideen as listed in the Challenge Invitation before.

As we all know, that the personnel of Indonesian Police only dare move forward until the area of Ueralulu and Tokorondo Village, and even with a a very scaring sense and the face expression of death. While they offering the heavy and difficult terrain alongside of Tamanjeka and Masani village to the Indonesian National Armies.

The Police of the Republic of Indonesia have no shame , at the time when their rivals in Army personnel were in the forest bush full with mosquitoes and other wild animals, covered with mud, very wet below heavy rain in every night, the Polices are relax drinking coffee in houses of local people, they feel enjoyed hanging out in the food stall in Lape Village and sleeping at the lodge-inn in the city of Poso. To every personnels of the Army, hold your step, go back to your headquarters, focus on your BTP exercises there, on Morowali, and do not you interfere the war between the Mujahideen and the Police of the Republic of Indonesia and Mujahidin whose very coward, do not make us turn our gun barrel to you just because of you are interfering this issue. If that happens, then do not blame us. To our moslems ummah, and the Mujahideen in the entire archipelago …!!

Indeed Shaykh Abu Wardah Santoso –may Allah protect and help him- has called on you to stand up for resistance wherever you are, both who inside or outside Poso, both in Java and Sumatra or Borneo, both in Bima or Solo or in other cities, everywhere …!! Let’s compete quickly, to reach Forgiveness and Jannah as wide as the heaven and the earth, kill them wherever you find them, kidnap them, besiege them, and spying them elsewhere in the hideout until thi Deen only become for the sake of Allah and the kalimah of Allah of “Laa ilaha illallah “became High, and no one match Him. O Muslims, and the Mujahideen in the entire archipelago …!!

Shaykh Abu Wardah Santoso –may Allah protect and help him- also asked for help to help the Mujahideen in Poso and surrounds it with all funds and capabilities, with all skills and capabilities, as well as your du’as which you offered at times when a bonservant close with Our Rabb. Insha Allah, we, the Mujahideen who located in the the plantations and mountains of Tamanjeka has been prepared for times like these, both in terms of logistics, supplies, weapons and the personnels, and one more thing that we have something who not owned by our enemies, is that we have Rabb Who Had Created Us and the Who Helps the Believers. While our enemies only have Dunya (World) and delusions. Insha Allah, our operation happened on Monday, October 22 is an initila attack from us, and we will continue and continue to them even if hide in a hole of ants. Here are some screenshots of gift from us in this morning:

Allahu Akbar ……

{And Glorious belongs to Allah, His Messenger, and the Believers, but the hypocrites not know}

Don’t forget to always pray for the Mujahideen in yours devoted Du’as

Tuesday, October 23th 2012 07 Dhulhijjah 1433 H

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